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aespe Table Browser

it is a free simple table\’s browser, for microsoft sql server only for now, it works by connecting to a server, select a database, then all the tables,system tables and stored procedures within the database will be shown in the listbox, just click a table and the content will be put to the grid, default is the first 100 lines will put there, but it can be changed from the options menu. the content put to the grid will be shown fast, because of the virtual bound technique, you can do a search by click the find row menu, all the content match the criteria will be highlighted, right click on the grid to copy the content to the clipboard, other menus are plain and simple just play with it.

i\’ve added the ability to create an insert, delete or update script, just like the sql query analyzer does, but i think in better view, because you can select which column to be included, just try by yourself, other is, it ables to browsing tables to see their content or their structural fields/columns, browse system tables, see the views and its script etc.. enjoy!

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